Why Do We Offer

Accelerated Certification?

Accelerated certification aims to reduce the time frame to have your skills recognized, and to become certified in our industry.


CCAA, in collaboration with industry experts, have developed the national occupation standard for many of the non-licensed trades in the Canadian aerospace & aviation industry. This has ensured that workers in the industry meet a common standard and set of competencies, and guarantees that they can perform the jobs expected of them by employers. Our system is thorough and rigorous and it works.

The traditional certification process CCAA offers can take from 2 to 5 years, and may involve training at an accredited college, completion of a logbook, on-the-job experience and / or a challenge exam. For those who already possess some of the skills required to work in our industry, 2 to 5 years can be a daunting time commitment. Accelerated certification aims to reduce the time frame to have your skills recognized, and to become certified in our industry.

For skilled foreign workers

Until now, there has been no effective mechanism for foreign workers to confirm their competencies to Canadian standards in the aviation and aerospace non-licensed trades. As a response to this reality, CCAA has developed an accelerated skills assessment, accelerated certification process and job matching service to assist workers to secure appropriate employment faster. We want to reduce skills-mismatch, and make sure that newcomers to the industry are employed to their full potential.

The resources on this site have been designed to streamline your entry into our workforce, and to ensure that your skills are recognized and leveraged within our industry. Browse our list of occupations and find the ones that best describe your skill set. Once you complete a self-assessment, we will work with you to complete your certification as quickly as possible.

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For the Unemployed and Underemployed

You may be closer than you think to certification in our industry. If you have the right educational background, but lack experience in the industry, it’s possible that your certification towards a career in aerospace and aviation could be expedited. As you review some of the in-demand careers on this site, take note of the educational requirements. You may discover a career you hadn’t considered is more attainable than you might have imagined. If you’re already working within our industry, but feel that you could be doing more challenging work, accelerated certification could help you take the next step towards a more fulfilling career.

Once you have your certification, CCAA can assist you by providing a job-matching service to put you in touch with employers who need your talents. In both cases, the first step is to complete a self-assessment and get in touch with our staff.

For the Unemployed and Underemployed 
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